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Connective thinking from Gii.

Radio Frequency (RF) Ablation Connector: Improve Cost and Performance

Understanding the above design considerations can help you optimize your design. The most dramatic savings

Understanding Lemo and Fischer Push Pull Connectors

An important design difference between Lemo and Fischer is how the latching mechanism works. When

Custom Components and Assemblies

A company was saddled by a supplier unwilling to customize an off-the-shelf push pull connector.

Learning Custom Medical Cable Assembly Materials

An important design difference between Lemo and Fischer is how the latching mechanism works. When

Understanding Medical Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies that connect medical devices to capital equipment have unique challenges. Outside of commodity

A Message from our CEO: The Benefits of our Model

I remember when I first started GII I would sometimes get asked the question "Do

Supply Chain Management During COVID-19

When factories extended closures due to COVD-19, it was necessary for Global Interconnect to adjust

Understanding Custom Medical Connectors

During the process of designing new devices, understanding custom medical connectors is crucial. Connectors that

Braided Cable Sleeve vs. Extruded Cables

Braided cable sleeves and extruded cables are two options to be considered during product development

Human Factors and Medical Devices

Human factors and medical devices continue to be a focus of the FDA for new

The Design Process

More often than not, design can be easily thought of as a blueprint or a

Electrical Connector Mechanics

There are reams and reams of information on electrical connectors and contact theory. My goal

The Truth About Push-Pull Connectors

Cape Cod, MA – February 26th, 2019 – Global Interconnect Inc (GII) is proud to

Exploring PVC: The Versatile Choice of Disposable Medical Devices

The world of flexible plastic devices is vast and ever increasing. The choices for disposable

Our Son, Charlie

“With life’s many twists and turns, my wife and I were unfortunately introduced to the

Global Interconnect: Your Trusted UDI Solutions Provider for Compliance and Peace of Mind

Does the acronym UDI give you heartburn? How prepared and confident are you when it

Thermoset vs Thermoplastic Polymers

Having to select thermoset vs thermoplastic is something you may not consider, since the two

Copper: The Powerhouse Conductor for Electrical Applications

Copper is a unique element and conductor predominantly used for electrical wiring dating back to
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