Understanding Medical Cable Assemblies

by | Nov 5, 2020 | Guides


Cable assemblies that connect medical devices to capital equipment have unique challenges. Outside of commodity offerings, custom medical cable assemblies complete the reusable and disposable markets. Understanding the differences between disposable and reusable options, as well as your supply chain, of custom medical cable assemblies can help you make the right decision for your medical device.

The Advantages of Reusable and Disposable Medical Cable Assemblies

The cost per use of reusable medical cable assemblies is lower when compared to disposable medical cable assemblies. However, disposable medical cable assemblies do not require maintenance between uses, in turn making it easier for the patient-provider. Depending on the performance and termination requirements it may make sense to explore a reusable medical cable assembly simply because the disposable materials will not hold up to your application’s needs.
Disposable Medical Cable Assembly Advantages
• Ease of use for the patient provider
• Less sterilization risk
Reusable Medical Cable Assembly Advantages
• Lower cost per use
• Less waste

Supply Chain Impacts

There is a substantial difference in pricing when comparing manufacturing regions. Low cost manufacturing regions come with their own set of challenges. Be sure to consider the costs of logistic and communication differences.
Local Manufacturing Advantages
During prototyping and product development it is important to be close to the manufacturing process. Local manufactures provide shorter lead times but at a higher price.
• Low volume high mix
• Short lead times
Local Partner with Oversees Manufacturing Advantages
Larger medical cable assembly suppliers combine both local and remote resources in order to provide timely customer service and low cost manufacturing. Depending on the sophistication of your supply chain, product complexity, and internal resources these types of cable assembly suppliers can allow you to source lower cost product while maintaining quality and local communication.
• Communication
• Manufacturing scalability at competitive pricing
Oversees Manufacturing Advantages
The largest custom medical cable assembly suppliers reside oversees with factories of thousands of employees trained in manufacturing medical cable assemblies. Without direct employees to oversee and manage these relationships your supply chain needs to be carefully analyzed and measured.
• Lowest price

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Most cable assemblies have connectors. Understanding custom medical connectors can help you solve your custom medical cable assembly supply chain and cost challenges.