The Gii Advantage

Three solutions, one outcome: Your complete satisfaction.

Our fully integrated manufacturing model reduces costs, improves the supply chain, and shortens lead times. With three levels to choose from, you can pick the one that fits best within your business model and immediate needs.

It all starts with a custom connector and cable assembly. From there, we can build your entire device and, if you choose, package, label and sterilize it.

LEVEL 1: Device Sub-Assembly

Custom cable assembly and connector

LEVEL 2: Complete Device

Complete device assembly

LEVEL 3: Final Packaged Device

Complete device assembly with final packaging, labeling, and sterilization.

This innovative engineering approach creates many advantages for OEMs:

  • Reducing components. 
  • Simplify manufacturing processes through the design.
  • Eliminates long lead times and high costs of catalog/off-the-shelf connector
  • Optimizing supply chains.


Our broad manufacturing capabilities and engineering expertise translate into tailored, innovative and cost-effective solutions.


Global Interconnect’s foundation is rooted in our extensive knowledge and proficiency in manufacturing medical connectors and cable assemblies. These critical components present original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with unparalleled prospects for enhancing their cost, supply chain, and manufacturing efficiencies.


For nearly 30 years, Global Interconnect has helped medical OEMs around the world deliver the highest quality medical devices used to perform life-changing, or in some cases, life-saving procedures.

Our Process

From concept to production, our process is all about collaboration and communication between our teams.

Concept - Product and Application Review

Engineering-based discovery process to fully understand the product, application, environment, and performance requirements.

Feasibility - Bill of Material Analysis and Breakdown

A comprehensive review of all materials with corresponding cost analysis and supply chain breakdown.

Product Development - Strategic Solution

We provide confidence and value to our customers through application-specific designs.

Design Verification - Process Validation

GII solutions are proven out through a comprehensive and vetted ISO 13485 process consisting of prototype builds and the execution of rigorous validation and testing protocols.

Production - Manufacturing and Supply Chain Support

Continuous manufacturing and supply chain support are crucial for a seamless process. This support should be upheld from the initial RFQ to manufacturing and logistics management for final delivery, ensuring reliability and efficiency for all stakeholders.

Quality Certifications

From the operating room to critical patient-care solutions, people around the globe depend on the impeccable quality standards of Global Interconnect.

Our Asia-based team of engineers and senior personnel work with our U.S.-based operations to oversee the manufacturing process from beginning to end. Reliability is engineered into our products every step of the way, which is critical to ensuring the safe and dependable operation of our customer’s finished products.

ISO Certificates

As an FDA registered ISO-13485 and ISO-9001 certified facility and contract manufacturer, Global Interconnect delivers consistent quality across everything we do.