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Global Interconnect, Inc. is a US-Asia based engineering, supply chain and manufacturing firm. Our primary focus is on custom connector, cable, and electro-mechanical assemblies for medical device and high-end industrial OEMs. With innovation and quality in quantity, we bring cost effective solutions to make your business more efficient and profitable.

We are more than the products we build

You won’t find what we offer in a catalog, but you will find it invaluable. Especially when you've got a problem in need of a solution.


We're accustomed to custom

You have a design in mind. We have the minds to not only create it, but to improve it. Always at the highest quality and at a competitive price.


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Quality in Quantity

Global Interconnect builds quality into the entire process from the ground up by performing our own routine factory audits of our assembly partners and raw material suppliers. As an FDA registered ISO-13485 and ISO-9001 certified solutions provider, reliability is engineered into our products every step of the way.

Quality Certifications
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Custom manufacturers of customer relationships

Our custom components enable some of the most advanced medical devices and high-end industrial equipment on the planet. Our quality, innovation and responsiveness empower some of the strongest customer relationships in the business.

“We here are proud to call you our number one supplier of choice.”

- General Electric

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  • We'll see you there at the largest medical design and manufacturing event in the world!
  • Global Interconnect Sponsored FORWARD’s Trivia Contest Fundraiser for Affordable Housing. F.O.R.W.A.R.D – Friends or Relatives with Autism and Related Disabilities. FORWARD is developing an affordable model housing community for adults on the autism spectrum. It was a fun filled event which included a live and silent auction and well attended by many local community members.

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