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Braided Cable Sleeve vs. Extruded Cables

Chet Potter, Product Development Engineer

Braided cable sleeves and extruded cables are two options to be considered during product development of medical devices. Where the product stands in production life cycle, the final application, annual volumes, and cable assembly location all play a role in the final production decision. This article will outline the differences between braided cable sleeves and

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Human Factors and Medical Devices

Dr. Steven Brooks, CMO

Human factors and medical devices continue to be a focus of the FDA for new product testing and approval. Often considered intuitive and inherent to product design, more emphasis is being placed on the human–device interaction during testing. Formal testing and demonstration of safe use is now a critical element of product testing and review.

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White Paper: The Design Process

Rob Daley, Product Development Engineer

More often than not, design can be easily thought of as a blueprint or a drawing. Many would wager that engineers are the ones solely responsible for the creation of these designs. My time as a Product Development Engineer has shown me that design is something far more than simply a blueprint or a representation

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Everything is a Process

Kyle Kruse, SVP Product Solutions

Process Exists in Everything That We Do   Day in, day out, everything is a process. How you get ready in the morning, do your grocery shopping, and especially your job; everything is a process.   People tend to focus on process mostly at work because their professional career depends on it. Then you have

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Electrical Connector Mechanics

Jonathan Goodwin, Director of Engineering

There are reams and reams of information on electrical connectors and contact theory. My goal is to not get too much into the weeds, but to present specifics terms and factors that should be considered when designing or choosing an electrical connector.   I was once told by an old friend that the definition of

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