Global Interconnect’s Core Values

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Blog

“Gii Core Values were developed in 2010 to help set expectations for current and future team members. At that time we recognized the importance of clearly outlining the framework of our culture to encourage growth and satisfaction within the organization. I’m proud to say that the vision and passion reflected in our values has not wavered since their inception. These core values are just as relevant today as they were 13 years ago, and I would like to think that they are at least partially responsible for attracting and motivating our incredibly talented team.”
– Stephen Bates, Founder & CEO


Part of being in a growing company is that change is constant. Rather than fear change, we embrace it enthusiastically, encourage it, and drive it. Because change can be driven from anyone in the company, it encourages us to think outside the box, challenge company norms, and each other, every day. You should never feel like a “cog in the machine” at Global Interconnect.


Perhaps the most important of our core values, and the one that makes us unique, is that we truly value and encourage fun and laughter. The nature of office work means we spend time away from our friends and family each week. As such, when we are in the office, we strive to create an environment of fun, where we can laugh at ourselves and with each other. We hire phenomenally talented and great people so finding fun and humor in our daily work is not a difficult task.

Our company culture is what makes us successful. We want people to express their personality in their work – we function best when we can be ourselves. When you combine this openness with making sure everyone is also having fun at work, it’s a win win and we are more engaged in the work we do.


The importance of growth both personally and professionally cannot be understated. Perhaps the most noble of human efforts is that of enhancing one’s own capabilities and expanding our own potential. We grow because we take on new challenges, and we face even more new challenges because we are growing. It’s an endless cycle and it’s a good thing; it’s the way we evolve!
At Global Interconnect we encourage all our team to seek out new learning opportunities, whether it be attending industry events, after-hours professional development classes, or exploring technologies that can make our day-to-day more streamlined. We want our employees to drive change and this cannot be achieved without the constant elevation of our abilities.



While we may be casual in our interaction with each other, we are focused and serious about the operations of our business. We believe in hard work and putting in the extra effort to get things done. We believe in operational excellence and realize that there is always room for improvement in everything we do. To stay ahead of our competition, we need to continuously innovate and make incremental improvements to our operations, always striving to make ourselves more efficient.

Some of the questions we ask ourselves; How can we drive efficiency? How can we make better use of our work hours? How can we improve throughout a process or task? Is there a better way?


Be Thoughtful, Thorough, Complete and Effective!

We want everyone to go the extra mile in encouraging thorough, complete, and effective communication. We operate as a “flat” organization where every employee is accessible, ensuring that every communication that you write or speak is honest, complete, understandable, direct, and always kind. Further underlining the importance of concise communication is that English is often a 2nd/3rd, or even 4th language to many of our partners in China, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. We value and respect our partners and ensuring clear communication across language barriers is of primary importance.


The best team members have a positive influence on one another and everyone they encounter. They strive to eliminate any kind of cynicism or unnecessary negative interactions. We strive to create harmony, both with each other internally, as well as with our customers and partners. We take initiative when we notice issues so that the team and the company can succeed. The best team members take ownership of issues and collaborate with other team members whenever a challenge may arise.

We must always ask ourselves: How do we encourage more teamwork? How do we encourage more people to take initiative? How do we encourage more people to take ownership? Do I exemplify a positive team spirit?


Our core values are not only a testament to Gii’s past, but a beacon guiding its present and future. These core values encapsulate the essence of a company that understands the importance of cultural alignment, individual empowerment, and a unified pursuit of excellence. Under these values, Gii not only delivers on customer expectations, but also attracts, nurtures, and retains an exceptional team of individuals who contribute to its enduring success.

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