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White Paper: The Design Process

Posted June 6, 2019
View as PDF More often than not, design can be easily thought of as a blueprint or a drawing. Many would wager that engineers are the ones solely responsible for the creation of these designs. My time as a Product Development Engineer has shown me that design is something far more than simply a blueprint or a representation of an ...

Electrical Connector Mechanics

Posted April 4, 2019
View as PDFThere are reams and reams of information on electrical connectors and contact theory. My goal is to not get too much into the weeds, but to present specifics terms and factors that should be considered when designing or choosing an electrical connector. I was once told by an old friend that the definition of “Perfect” is “serves its ...

White Paper: The 12th Man

Posted February 2, 2019
You’ve heard the expression before and perhaps some would say it may be overused or just another sappy cliché, but with the recent Superbowl and lead up to one of the most coveted titles in all of sports, I felt it appropriate to revisit its meaning. Wikipedia defines the term 12th man as, “ . . . a term for fans of ...

White Paper: What’s in Your Plastic

Posted January 1, 2019
The world of flexible plastic devices is vast and ever increasing. The choices for disposable medical devices utilizing some sort of cable assembly are numerous. These types of products need to be reliable, effective, quality-oriented and cost effective. Fortunately, there are several material choices that are well suited to match these performance and quality objectives. From a plastic disposable standpoint, ...

Global Interconnect Sponsors FORWARD’s Trivia Contest Fundraiser for Affordable Housing

Posted November 11, 2018
In November 2018 Global Interconnect Sponsored FORWARD’s Trivia Contest Fundraiser for Affordable Housing.  F.O.R.W.A.R.D – Friends or Relatives with Autism and Related Disabilities.  FORWARD is developing an affordable model housing community for adults on the autism spectrum.  It was a fun filled event which included a live and silent auction and well attended by many local community members.

Does The Acronym UDI Give You Heartburn?

Posted December 12, 2017
Does the acronym UDI give you heartburn? How prepared and confident are you when it comes to meeting FDA’s Unique Device Identification mandate? As part of Global Interconnect’s continual pursuit to expand our capabilities and satisfy the rising demands of the marketplace and our customers, we are excited to announce that GII now has the ability to support the printing ...

Easing into the Regulatory Process

Posted August 8, 2017
The regulatory process can be an intimidating cycle for start-ups and seasoned companies alike. In order to better understand the rules and regulations and be an asset to our customers, Global Interconnect, Inc. (GII) hired Dr. Steven Brooks M.D. M.B.A.F.A.C.C. as the company’s first Chief Medical Officer in May of 2017. Dr. Brooks has consulted various medical device companies throughout the regulatory ...

How Is Your Experience With Your Manufacturer?

Posted August 8, 2017
Today’s supply chain process has become more automated, which has its pros and cons, but the ladder leads to uncertainty. It has created a system with unanswered phone calls, emails with late replies, and frustrating delays. Nobody wants to feel like just another account when working with a custom manufacturer. They want timelines hit and an ongoing transparent communication.  Here at ...

Global Interconnect Adds Chief Medical Officer To Offer Product Development Insight

Posted July 7, 2017
To further educate ourselves and remain knowledgeable about successful product development and launches within the medical device sector, Global Interconnect hired Dr. Steven Brooks M.D. M.B.A.F.A.C.C. as the company’s Chief Medical Officer in May of this year. With an impressive background of engagement in various stages of the medical device lifecycle, the wealth of regulatory knowledge and direct product consulting ...

Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Early History Of Medical Devices?

Posted March 3, 2017
Massachusetts — Medical devices may seem like a modern day invention but they have been around since the Ancient Greeks and Romans used thin, hollow tools to introduce fluids into the body, a precursor to the modern needle. Today, it is a vast industry that is exponentially growing with technological advancements rolling out weekly. But how well do you know the origin ...
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