The Crucial Role of Packaging in Supply Chain Success

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Blog

The Crucial Role of Packaging in Supply Chain Success

Basically, it is important. Packaging can make or break a client relationship. It is a borderline fact that appropriately packaging products, and going the extra mile, improves customer relationships and increases satisfaction. Who would have thought that something as basic as packaging has the ability to benefit a client’s perception and truly set a product/company apart from its competition?

Obviously packaging plays a crucial role in branding initiatives for B2C (Business to Consumer) companies, often using creative aesthetic measures to differentiate from competitors, which can come in the form of a clever box design of some sort. But when it comes to B2B (Business to Business) entities there is a different approach. The functionality outweighs the beauty. The glitz and glamour on the outside of the box means nothing if the product inside isn’t pristine when received. However, proper brand identification has its benefits for all marketing efforts.

Ultimately, packaging is a form of product protection during shipment from the manufacturer that requires a systematic method. From product dimensions and weight, to the quantity being shipped and the ship method, there are many factors that require different packaging protocols, each demanding efficient repetition for continued supply chain success.

As a manufacturing company, Global Interconnect distributes products on a regular basis throughout the world, always looking for ways to mitigate risk. After all, zero risk is the goal for all business ventures. Over the past 21 years our packaging efforts have produced tangible results with clients often relaying positive feedback. Now, would those relationships prosper as much if GII had a history of products being delivered disorganized, broken or unidentifiable? Most likely not, which is why we make it our mission for our clients to be relief free when doing business with us.

Make sure to not sleep on the role of packaging within the supply chain, because it is much more important than you think. Detail comes down to focusing on what you can control and packaging is within those limits.

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