A Message from our CEO: The Benefits of our Model

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Blog




I remember when I first started GII I would sometimes get asked the question “Do you own your manufacturing?”. I always wondered how best to answer that question – the manufacturing of all of the raw material components that go into a finished product? Does any manufacturer actually build every component in a finished assembly, a hand piece or medical device? No, they outsource to suppliers that specialize in making those particular components. I always saw outsourcing as the most efficient and cost-effective way of producing a finished good. The key, of course, is what portion of the process do you outsource and what portion of the process do you keep “in house.” In other words, where is your company’s IP and ultimate value?

The custom products we supply to worldwide Medical and Industrial OEM’s are comprised of many components and oftentimes involve complicated assembly and value-add processes. Some of the critical steps of supplying a complex product involve careful and thoughtful planning and for us typically includes the following:

• Understanding the end-use of the product, its primary cost drivers and marketing considerations
• Raw material selection (including AVL or Equivalent) and supply chain optimization
• Development of build/validation processes and quality plans
• Assembly, testing, packaging
• Logistics and management of customized inventory programs
• Ongoing engineering and post-manufacturing support

Since day one, our business model was built around a detailed and precise focus on all of the “blue” items above. Our US based Team of engineers, supply chain specialists, and logistics experts work directly with the OEM to provide fast and immediate communication. This level of support is further augmented by our Team of quality and manufacturing engineers located in our Huizhou China office, who oversee the entire assembly process, final testing, inspection and packaging. It’s our Team of GII employees that develop tailored qualification and validation plans and provide continual input to the manufacturing lines at our premier Assembly partners. These strategic partners were chosen for their rich experience and history and we have been together for over 25 years!

GII focuses purely on what we believe to be the critical elements of the build process. We believe that if the plan is solid and meticulously thought out, the execution is just a matter of following the plan.

How are we able to provide such value and compete with folks that go “Asia Direct”? Oh, believe me, we’ve heard the challenges and horror stories. Our model and Team of experts allow our customers to focus on what they do best. You don’t have to get on planes and fly around the world searching for answers or try to uncover where your product really is in the manufacturing process. Nor must you painfully struggle to get a return call or, even worse, get transparent answers when a quality issue arises and expeditious responses and solutions are needed the most.

And this is where our perfected model and IP comes into play. We can’t tell you “how we do it” but we would be glad to let you talk to many of our worldwide OEM customers that range from start-ups to the largest Medical OEM, and you can ask them how we have performed. How’s that for transparency?

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Global Interconnect. We are actually a really fun group of individuals helping to bring life-changing and improving technologies to the marketplace through our OEM customers. We look forward to speaking with you about your particular needs.

Stephen R. Bates
Founder and CEO