Understanding Custom Medical Connectors

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Case Study


During the process of designing new devices, understanding custom medical connectors is crucial. Connectors that are consistently plugged in and out by end users provide challenges. There are many advantages to taking the customizable approach when designing your medical connector. OEMs should consider custom medical connectors when looking to improve their current medical connector or require a unique connector that does not already exist.

Advantages of Custom Medical Connectors

Manufacturers design custom medical connectors with improvements in mind. From pricing to connector look, feel, and functionality, custom medical connectors provide a wide range of improvements from their off the shelf counterparts.

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Cost Down

• Manufacturers create backwards compatible connectors to mate with existing receptacles. If patents allow, tooling up an exact match provides immediate savings. When supply chains and overall product design become more complex, (multiple suppliers and sub-assembly requirements) consolidation with one custom connector and cable assembly supplier will result in additional cost savings. As a result, custom connectors require tooling and development. Return on investment analysis compares tooling costs and per part costs, which ensures all decisions increase savings.

Shortened Lead Time

• Distributors sell off-the-shelf connectors. Without a large spend, companies are not able to buy directly from the manufacture. For that reason, these distribution layers strain customer experience and compound lead times. Custom connectors can dramatically reduce lead times. Following validation, tooling of custom connectors is immediately ready for use, thus eliminating lead times.

Remove Quality Issues

• Off the shelf connector companies do not want to change their product just for you. Unfortunately when quality issues occur, getting design changes is an uphill battle. However, custom connectors allow room for design changes to solve your problem.

Improved User Experience

• Unlike off the shelf products, manufacturers tailor your custom connectors to the needs of your overall assembly. Application specific ergonomics will help improve human factors and the user experience, which, in turn will differentiate your product from your competitors.

Unique Design Specifications

You have done your homework looking through catalog after catalog and cannot find what you need. Therefore, differentiating your product is critical to your success.

Gii Purpose-Built Connectors leverage existing tooling without being tied down to off the shelf designs. We educate our customers on understanding custom medical connectors. Above all, we provide our customers with the lowest tooling price possible while customizing the connector to your specific needs.