Case Studies

Supplier worries. Quality issues. Cost concerns. Read about all the ways we’ve helped customers overcome these challenges and get to the next level.

A company was saddled by a supplier unwilling to customize an off-the-shelf push pull connector. We had the solution.

With our customer’s previous supplier, lead times were long, customer service was poor and customization was out of the question. We were the answer.

A headlight assembly needed to be low cost and fit within envelope constraints. We had the solution.

The initial headlight assembly design relied on rigid injection molds and required additional assembly after molding. That’s when we injected a better way of doing things.

A leader in early stage medical device manufacturing focused on advancing women’s health needed to scale and reduce costs. We had the solution.

As they prepared for FDA approval and their first production lot, the manufacturer realized they needed to advance the health of their company. That meant calling us.

An early stage dental equipment and technology company was experiencing quality issues with their C02 laser. We had the solution.

Two separate umbilical cables on the laser were splitting or separating and were not esthetically pleasing. So, with laser-like precision, we went to work.

A specialty surgical supply company required the expertise of an FDA registered supplier. We had the solution.

The FDA ruled that microneedling cartridges could no longer be imported and private labled. The surgical supply company didn’t know where to turn. So, they turned to us.

An early stage medical device manufacturer had designed a device that uses RF to treat COPD. The thing is, it was an inordinately expensive design. We had the solution.

The design of the manufacturer’s umbilical cable assembly was more complex than it needed to be. It required multiple suppliers and manufacturing processes and costs were out of control. A single call to us began to set things right.

An early stage medical device manufacturer lacked the bandwidth to manage China-direct suppliers. We had the solution.

This medical device manufacturer was experiencing communication, lead time and quality related challenges with their China-direct suppliers. That is, until they experienced us.