The Truth About Push-Pull Connectors

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Blog

Cape Cod, MA – February 26th, 2019 – Global Interconnect Inc (GII) is proud to announce their new connector division focused on providing cost reduction solutions to medical and industrial Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).


Much of the push-pull connector market is controlled by a few connector companies who were founded over 60 years ago. The invention of push-pull connectors in the late 50’s and early 60’s improved ergonomics and performance. These connectors were protected by patents for 20 years and only a few companies were competing for market share.


After the patents expired, other companies came out with knock-offs of the original designs. Prices dropped with the increase of competition, but risk increased due to poor quality.


It’s not surprising that design engineers feel comfortable choosing a “tried and true” brand name connector option. Yet as product lines and volumes grow, organizations are faced with increased pressure to reduce cost. With connectors often being a significant cost driver in most assemblies, it is logical that this critical component is at the heart of cost saving strategies, but not at the expense of compromising quality.


GII has been providing push-pull connector solutions to their customers for over 24 years. These customized solutions leveraged existing tooling while introducing custom aspects in order to achieve customer goals. With the introduction of a connector division, GII is focusing on developing push-pull connectors with simplified designs while maintaining backwards compatibility and quality. These designs will reduce the number of components, use application-specific materials and will be optimized for their customers unique performance requirements while third party industry testing will provide the confidence their customers demand to make the change.


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