Circuit Boards

At Global Interconnect, insulation materials such as FR4 or polyimide are selected depending on the application and envelope constraints. FR4 based boards provide a rigid foundation while polyimide based boards tend to be thin and flexible. A plated copper layer outlines the circuit traces and can be prepared for a variety of off-the-shelf electronics.


  • Logic boards
  • Controllers
  • Transmitters
  • Small form factor

Custom PCBA and FPCs. Done right.

Time after time, our automated pick and place equipment populates our boards with precision. Depending on the component or application, electronics are attached to the boards by either skilled hand soldering and/or reflow ovens. What’s more, automated equipment and/or manual inspection ensures all products produced meet IPC/WHMA manufacturing standards. Coatings such as parylene or low pressure molding provide additional environmental barriers while preventing damage to sensitive electronic components.

Mechanical Testing

Electrical Testing

  • Ingresses protection
  • Vibration
  • Impact
  • LED illumination
  • Switch activation
  • Raw board
  • Opens
  • Shorts
  • Mis-wires
  • Hi-pot
  • Functional logic
  • Programming
  • Rated current
  • Insulation resistance
  • Contact resistance
  • Dielectric strength