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How Might Trump’s First Budget Affect The Medical Device Industry?

Posted March 3, 2017
Washington, District of Columbia — This week President Donald Trump announced his first budget plan, and the question on our mind is: How might Trump’s budget affect the medical device industry? Our Chief Strategy Officer, James Rosebush, has decades of experience on Capitol Hill and served as Ronald Reagan’s Deputy Assistant and Chief of Staff to the First Lady, shared ...

Copper Conspectus: Wire Assemblies Most Popular Conductor!

Posted February 2, 2017
Copper is a unique element and conductor predominantly used for electrical wiring dating back to when the telegraph was invented nearly 200 years ago. Almost half of all the copper mined per year is used to manufacture electrical wire and cable conductors, making it one of the most used metal conductors for electrical applications. Why Copper? Copper has the highest ...

Nutritional Blast: The Importance of Internal Audits

Posted January 1, 2017
Preface: Global Interconnect, Inc. is a leading medical device and high-end industrial/commercial manufacturer for the world’s largest OEMs, where customized solutions become critical connections. Every week a different member of the GII team writes and produces a “Nutritional Blast” touching on topics related to the world of business, business culture, and industry specific ideas and information in an effort to ...
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