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What Type of Manufacturing Firm Works Best with OEMs?

Posted February 2, 2017
Let’s say you have a product, or sub-component of a product, that is costing you too much and having some quality issues. Let’s also pretend to say you are the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and you decided to change the supply chain for this specific product to a different firm, but you are unsure ...

Nutritional Blast: Communication, Leadership, & Millennials

Posted January 1, 2017
Preface: Global Interconnect, Inc. is a leading medical device and high-end industrial/commercial manufacturer for the world’s largest OEMs, where customized solutions become critical connections. Every week a different member of the GII team writes and produces a “Nutritional Blast” touching on topics related to the world of business, business culture, and industry specific ideas and information in an effort to ...
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