From individually packaged assemblies in a controlled environment with detailed box and pallet specifications, to bulk assemblies in a poly bag, Global Interconnect leads the way. All our products are packaged for additional up stream value add, distribution, or in preparation for sterilization.


  • Tyvek pouches
  • Blister packs
  • Thermoform trays
  • Industrial consumable packing
  • Requiring final labeling
  • Unique device identifier (UDI)

No one can touch our sterile packaging for medical devices.

Our custom packaging improves the upstream value add and the end user experience.

We supply innovative solutions that include thermoform tray designs that nest products safely to protect during shipment as well as provide consistent orientation inside the box. And, Tyvek barrier layers that can be manufactured in bag or tray forms to allow for ethylene oxide sterilization.

Most importantly, labels can be attached or engraved on the product and or adhered to the packaging.

Mechanical Testing

  • Seal strength
  • Bubble
  • Ink
  • Bioburden
  • ASTM