Cable, Wire & Harness Assemblies


GII supports a variety of customized products for the electrosurgical market including molded assemblies, cable harnesses and connectors. These include a full range of mono and bi-polar electrosurgical applications and devices, laparoscopic devices, electrosurgical generators, ablation applications, and more.

Reusable and Disposable

GII conducts autoclave testing on all required products to insure a high quality lifetime for each component. Single use and disposable devices are designed to balance performance, cost, reliability, materials, and shelf life with an efficient, repeatable manufacturing process. Examples of some of our reusable components include ultrasound devices and dental cables.  

Multi-Lumen & High Flexibility Extruded Cables & Tubing

GII offers custom cable, tubing, and extrusions that provide power, saline, suction, gas flow, or custom input/output. Critical to the success of these products is an extensive understanding of multiple processing techniques, material choices, including Parylene coated cables, process capabilities, and geometrical possibilities. 

High Performance Coil Cords & Harness Assemblies

GII manufactures high performance ergonomic coil cords for handheld tools, communication headsets, and automated equipment applications. We have a long history of constructing various cable assemblies and products that we have custom engineered including thermocouple, Litz wire, tensile, high tensile alloys, and much more.


GII produces a wide range of connectors at any volume, including equivalents to some of the industry’s most recognizable commodities. Our engineering team evaluates and recommends equivalent connectors to increase reliability and reduce costs simultaneously. Some of these solutions follow AVL guidelines while others are customized products.

GII understands that connector reliability is a concern for performance-critical medical and specialty instrumentation assemblies. Our design review process evaluates critical components to ensure key contact resistance, mate-ability, and durability.


At Global Interconnect our goal is complete customer satisfaction every time a client receives their product. The GII supply chain controls the delivery and the packaging of every product. GII supports various custom packaging options dependent on client requirements and expectations, including protective cable trays and custom outer cartons.

GII packaging capabilities include pre-sterilization and pre-clean room entry-ready solutions. GII has an expansive labelling capability which includes meeting FDA UDI label qualifications. GII utilizes a sophisticated inventory management system to track labeling requirements, allowing verification of individual products throughout the process – thus reducing risk for the customer.