Global Interconnect is Attending Boston’s 2016 Innovation Roundtable

by | Jun 13, 2016 | News

On June 24, 2016 Global Interconnect will be at UMASS’s Columbia Point Campus Center Ballroom. Global Interconnect (GII) is sending members of the Business Development team to Boston’s Annual Healthcare Innovation Network Roundtable, primarily for the medical device and biotech discussion. GII believes knowledge is power and the key to that intellect lies within the proven experts, entrepreneurs and innovators experience and insight. For the past 3 years, Healthcare Pioneers has been able to bring together health care industry leaders to network, discuss and interact.


We look forward to identifying how new regulations influence medical device design in order to better distinguish how GII can play a roll in the industry as it continues to develop.


For more information on the conference please refer to the following link: