Global Interconnect Closes Out Q2 by Setting a New One-Day Sales Record

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Case Study


GII’s Quality Focus Continues To Impress The Medical Device Industry. Responding to the dynamics in the health care technology sector and a never ending search for the highest quality at the most competitive pricing, the team at Global Interconnect (GII) a twenty-year old leading provider of custom engineered cables and wires to the industrial and health care technology industries, scored two major wins with contracts awarded from two industry leaders, in minimally invasive procedures to address chronic tendon pain and women’s health. Keeping in stride with the warp speed development of new technologies in health care online pharmacy and the incessant demand to limit risk with zero failure delivery, GII proved it is once again up to the task.

Speaking from his Mainland China manufacturing office, Stephen Bates, founder and CEO of GII congratulated the sales team for their tireless commitment to their clients and the competitive spirit that is catapulting the firm into a leading slot in this industry. “I am proud to be a part of the team and to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the outstanding GII employees who brought home and secured these two large new contracts. This proves once again that being rabidly customer-centric and precision-focused in our custom engineered solutions is the winning way. Bravo!”

About Global Interconnect: GII is a team of engineers providing custom cable and wire solutions based outside of Boston, MA. Founded in 1995 GII has consistent revenue growth supporting some of the world’s leading medical device and high-end industrial companies. You can learn more about our products and solutions by contacting Colin Angle, Digital Marketing Manager, at (508) 563-6306 EXT 122 or by going to our new website: