Giving Back

Global Interconnect, Inc. made a pledge many years ago to focus on giving back to those in need, but deciding who to help wasn’t the easiest choice. As a company we each believe in so many charitable causes and we support the wonderful individuals dedicating their lives to improving other people’s livelihood. However, there is one cause that resonates with our staff and ownership: our veterans.

In our minds, veterans deserve our full attention- past, present, and future. Our vets walk the walk by putting their lives on the line everyday they serve, displaying complete selflessness for the good of the country. Home Base, a partnership of the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital, has a mission to “heal the invisible wounds for Veterans, Service Members, and their families through world-class clinical care, wellness education, and research.” Home Base services are crafted to assist Veterans overcome the common and unusual barriers they face upon their return to society.

Another program Global Interconnect, Inc. holds dear to its heart is the work Touchstone Farm does for the community and individuals in need. With the mission: At Touchstone Farm, our mission is to provide opportunities which positively change lives! It is safe to say that Touchstone Farms has a goal Global Interconnect, Inc. can unequivocally support.

Home Base and Touchstone Farms have decided to unite their causes by hosting a wonderful respite weekend at Touchstone Farms for all service members and their families or guests. The weekend consists of a variety of safe, fun, and satisfying experiences with horses for our deserving veterans, including other farm animals for the Veterans and their families to enjoy when not riding. The goal of the program is to assist Veterans with overcoming obstacles, re-establish bonds, learn to trust again, and reintegrate into civilian life.

Global Interconnect, Inc. has decided to sponsor this weekend collaboration between Home Base and Touchstone.

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