GII Travels Out West

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Blog


Pocasset, MA (October 2016) — Global Interconnect travels to the West Coast this week for a series of meetings with medical device companies and start-ups to discuss opportunities. Kyle Kruse, Vice President of Product Solutions, is visiting sunny San Diego, for his first stop of his week-long trip. Kruse has meetings throughout the area and is planning on prospecting potential GII partners, since there is a lot of growth for medical technology in that region.

After spending the day in San Diego, Kruse is heading to Orange County for a couple of days to meet and greet with a few prospects, including an afternoon visit on Tuesday with a customer focusing on high frequency technology in women’s health. GII’s Chief Technology Officer, Robert Gray, will be venturing out to Orange County with Kruse to join Kruse at the meeting.

On day two of Kruse’s Orange County visit he, and Gray have a morning meeting with a GII customer to review value-add opportunities to the custom cable assembly, specifically involving custom design and molded components. GII understands how integral the device performance is to the end-user, which is why we seek minimally invasive clients focusing on innovative technologies.

By the end of the day Wednesday Kruse and Gray will have completed the California portion of their trip, and will be flying to Phoenix, Arizona. On Thursday, Kruse and Gray will meet with an established medical start-up who is looking to bring their product to production. GII’s horizontally integrated business structure is a perfect fit for helping this specific OEM source all custom components and assembling the final product. CTO, Robert Gray will explain how GII can mitigate risk with our multiple industry leading ISO-13485 manufacturing facilities and quality processes.

Friday is a traveling day for Kruse and Gray, as they head back to a brisk Massachusetts to meet with a leading OEM in the renewable energy space to propose solutions to better support the OEMs domestic and international business segments. They will also be introducing a change of design to the client’s original spec that will help deliver more robust features for extreme weather conditions and save time in assembly production, which will overall do what GII is known for: achieve cost savings across the board.

For additional information, contact the Global Interconnect Marketing Manager Colin Angle.