Everything is a Process

by | May 15, 2019 | Blog


Process Exists in Everything That We Do

Day in, day out, everything is a process. How you get ready in the morning, do your grocery shopping, and especially your job; everything is a process.

People tend to focus on process mostly at work because their professional career depends on it. Then you have personal finances, parenting, and so on, in no particular order.

If you want to achieve your goals or improve upon something that you’re already doing, start with a process, obsess over the process, find holes in the process, improve the process, and try again. As long as you’re consistently loyal to your process, this is where your organizational capabilities and personal/ professional growth will flourish. Look for input from your leaders and mentors, apply your R&D strengths to process improvement, be aware, and be curious.

Don’t get me wrong, creating, following, and improving a process requires a number of skills and incredible discipline, which can be extremely challenging to acquire and implement. We are all human and we are not perfect, but we can work at it.

Action:  I challenge you to identify a process in your personal life that hasn’t been considered or changed in a while. Keep it simple. An example could be the way you pay your bills. Do you pay them separately or have a central location? How much of your time and effort is required and how can it be reduced or improved? Let the small and simpler victories be motivation for the greater processes in life that you should be obsessing over.