Easing into the Regulatory Process

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Blog


The regulatory process can be an intimidating cycle for start-ups and seasoned companies alike. In order to better understand the rules and regulations and be an asset to our customers, Global Interconnect, Inc. (GII) hired Dr. Steven Brooks M.D. M.B.A.F.A.C.C. as the company’s first Chief Medical Officer in May of 2017. Dr. Brooks has consulted various medical device companies throughout the regulatory lifecycle both while working for the FDA as well as an advisor in the private sector.

Dr. Brooks has been advising the staff of GII as well as its customers over the past few months on what regulation involves now. Here is Dr. Brook’s breakdown: (N/A edited 10/12/2022)

GII continues to add knowledge and expertise at various levels of the regulatory and supply chain processes, setting itself apart from other design, engineering, and manufacturing firms. With the first 3 hours of engineering consultation free of charge for new customers, GII desires to work directly with our client’s design and engineering teams.

“GII is completely transparent in communication throughout all product discussions and the addition of Dr. Brooks adds another layer of value to our customer.” said Stephen Bates, Founder and CEO of GII. 

To learn more, watch this video below previewing Dr. Brooks’ insight on the subject. Feel free to share with your colleagues and if you have any questions or concerns contact info@globalinterconnect.com to obtain more helpful information.

Global Interconnect, a US-Asia design, engineering, and manufacturing firm with a primary focus in electrosurgical devices is thrilled to have found an individual of Dr. Brooks character and achievements. The addition of Dr. Brooks responds to the need for medical device companies to more effectively consult with GII on the minutiae of development and its many challenges.  GII helps to accelerate the adoption of new technologies and move them more swiftly in to the marketplace.