We’re not just custom connector manufacturers. We’re also problem solvers, always looking for ways to improve performance and uncover efficiencies with the tools in our toolbox.

Cost Control

We help OEM’s streamline their design for manufacturing and provide access to a global supply chain. Our engineers work closely with OEMs to understand the application to ensure materials, manufacturing processes, and supply chains are optimized.


  • Optimize manufacturing design
  • Optimize materials selection
  • Improve supplier consolidation
  • Enhance procurement strategy
  • Improve inventory management programs

Engineering Resources

Our engineers work as an extension of the OEM’s team to provide expert advice in cable assembly design which allows the OEM engineers to focus on other priorities or projects.


  • Address and resolve quality issues
  • Enhance electrical and mechanical performance
  • Reduce cost of components and assembly
  • Improve aesthetics
  • Improve ergonomics
  • Focus on next generation
  • Apply application engineering

Local Program Management

Global manufacturing can cause communication and logistical challenges. Our local program management allows our customers to get answers and product releases the same day without language barriers.


  • Deliver an immediate response
  • Improve localized supply chain management
  • Elevate technical support
  • Optimize VMI (vendor managed inventory)

Manufacturing Scalibility

We are a horizontally integrated company. Our network of qualified manufacturing partners and suppliers allows us to align the types of products and their respective volumes with the correct partner.


  • Optimize dual sourcing
  • Augment risk mitigation
  • Align core competencies
  • Improve capacity management and planning strategies
  • Scalable manufacturing capacity

Uninterrupted Supply Chains

We create supplier agreements and forecast product demands to ensure a product is always in our localized warehouses in US, Asia, and Latin America, in transit, and/or being manufactured in Asia.


  • Assure on time delivery
  • Increase approved component sources
  • Improve proactive planning
  • Utilize safety stock
  • Utilize Kanban
  • Improve VMI (vendor management inventory)