Based on what our customers are saying, it sounds like they love what we're doing. At Global Interconnect, we're much more than a supplier - we're a partner. Our world revolves around quality and we make it our business to know all about yours.

Working with us

“May I take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with you and your company. The degree of professionalism you outwardly project and the attention you show our company in meeting our needs is refreshing. Too often it seems customer service is sacrificed for low cost or other circumstances. Again, thank you for your professional approach to our requests thus far – I look forward to establishing a long, mutually profitable relationship with Global Interconnect Inc.”

- Onset

“I would like to thank Todd Squire, Cheryl Shaw and all the employees of Global Interconnect, who responded admirably to Intergra’s requests without any fruits for their labor. Their professionalism is commendable, and Integra would like to express how much we valued their support and the strong work relationship that exists between us and that we look forward to working with your team more in the future.”

- Integra

“In appreciation for your support over the years, NetScout Systems Inc. wishes to thank the “Team” for your hard work and dedication in providing us with our cabling needs.”

- NetScout

“The process of order logistics to material delivery is sometimes a difficult one and Global Interconnect’s staff has been able to excel in all phases of providing material to us, to support our customers.”

- PAR Technology

Our industry expertise

“There have been many times that we have given Global Interconnect difficult tasks to achieve: design changes that occur right in the middle of a production run, pricing that seems impossible to match, and those ever-challenging delivery schedules. Your ability to achieve these difficult tasks is impressive; Sarah, Bob, and Stephen should be proud of your company.”

- General Electric

“The FA’s came in and they look amazing. I think with the color, feel, and the over molds this thing is going to sell itself. Bravo!”

“Recently a regulatory compliance issue arose that could have had a detrimental impact on our customers if the outcome of our investigation had been unfavorable. During our investigative period, we called upon Global Interconnect, in particular Todd Squire and his team, to support the many options we were pursuing in our proactive approach.”

- Integra

Quality of our products

“Would like to thank the staff at Global Interconnect for providing products and services that have helped us stay competitive in the POS marketplace. You have provided engineering guidance, quality products on time at a reasonable cost.”

- PAR Technology

“We here look forward to many years of working with Global Interconnect to provide the POS market with quality, low cost, interconnect product.”

- PAR Technology

“The new model three for us has been great. Your cable is a big part of what we delivered to the market!”